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180412 cap conferenceGreens/EFA conference in Brüssel

The next CAP reform: Towards a sustainable farm income and an agro-ecological land use

Thursday 12th April, 9h30-13h,
European Parliament, ASP 1G3

Full agenda and registration via this link

Join us for discussion with cooperatives, unions and agronomists on land use for the public good, cooperation towards a fair income, and how crop rotations including leguminous crops can combine an economic and agronomic transition.

Issues on the agenda include: how to limit land concentration and corporate control of land in the EU; how direct payments could support a diversity of agricultural holdings; how to implement crop rotation to increase biodiversity and improve soil health; a fair, remunerative income in the CAP; farmers' collective action to match supply and demand; local and regional short supply chains; ensuring farmers’ power in balance with processors, distributors and retailers; collective and participative approaches to delivering environmental and social public goods.

Speakers include:

Michael Hamell, Adjunct Professor of Agriculture at University College Dublin
Ulrich Jasper, Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft, Germany
Joanma Mesado, Unió de Llauradors, Comunidad Valenciana
Sieta van Keimpema, Vice President, European Milk Board
Eimantas Pranauskas, Lithuanian Association of Agriculture Companies

Full agenda and registration via this link



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