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Genetically engineered plants as a universal remedy for hunger and drought? Little suitable and very risky, says a new study on new genetic engineering methods in agriculture, issued by the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.
The dairy farmer and Green MEP Martin Häusling is co-author and publisher of the study published in July "future or time bomb? Designer plants as universal remedy are not the solution! "


It consists of four parts. The main part, the critical presentation of the new technologies of gene manipulation, was contributed by Heike Moldenhauer from the VLOG – Association Food without Genetic Engineering. Attorney Katrin Brockmann discusses the legal situation in the European Union and in the USA for products from these new technologies. Finally, the apple breeder and researcher Hans-Joachim Bannier describes decades of aberrations in global apple breeding, which he attributes to agricultural industry thinking and a false perspective on plant genetics. Martin Häusling, organic farmer and politician raises the question: what is actually ‘innovative’ in the context of new techniques and the recently-coined "Innovation Principle"?